Sidar İnan Erçelik

Turkey, 2016, 43′, Turkish

Photography: Sidar İnan Erçelik

Editing: Sidar İnan Erçelik

Music: Bandistanbul

Sound: Sidar İnan Erçelik

Producer: Sidar İnan Erçelik

Salhane, 14.10.2016 Friday, 16.00 – 18.00

Synopsis: Kazova workers who entered the factory so as to sell the machines in return for the amount owed to them were not able to take the machines because of the police raid. The resistance of the workers who were left alone with the machines without any bosses or any money has taken a turn toward the unexpected and turned into the biggest occupation movement of Turkey.

Biograpy: After having worked as an actor and director in the field of theater for 10 years, Sidar Inan Ercelik began his cinema career. He has directed five documentaries so far: “Black Partridge”, “Wires”, “Cure”, “Bone”, and “Bossless.” His documentaries were screened in national and international festivals. Ercelik is also among the founders of the ecologic newspaper, “Green Fury” and wrote pieces titled “Ecology in Cinema” in newspapers.


15th !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival

Ankara Film Festival

AMED Film Festival


  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye


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