World Premier


Eduardo Chibás

Spain, 2014, 54’

Editing: Eduardo Chibás
Photgraphy: Eduardo Chibás
Producer: Eduardo Chibás
Sound: Eduardo Chibás

Bye, Bye Barcelona is a documentary about a city and it’s relationship with tourism, about the difficult coexistence between Barcelona and it’s people with tourism and tourists. It’s a documentary that exposes through the thoughts of some of its residents, the grave effects that mass tourism has in the city. Its sole purpose is to serve as a counterpoint of the much repeated idea tourism is good for all. This documentary speaks about what we lose because of it.

Director Biography:
Eduardo Chibás is a Barcelona-based filmmaker, originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Before moving to Barcelona, he lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), where he studied Art History. He has lived for over 11 years in the Catalan capital, where he has worked as a video editor in several national and local TV shows, and has shot and directed one other documentary called “Aquells cinemes d’ahir” (“Yesterday’s cinemas”) about Barcelona’s old film theaters. He has also shot and directed several short films along with a group called The Macuto Collective. He is currently trying to raise funds for shooting a documentary on the history of the small film format in Catalonia.



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