Indigenous Life – Right to Lift

Rian Suryalibrata

Indonesia, 2015, 28′

Editing: Aditya Prahara
Photography: Popo Nurakhman
Music: Kompas Tv
Sound: Kompas Tv
Producer: Rian Suryalibrata

Armagrandi Hotel, Saturday 13:00- 15:00

Synopsis: The nomadic Orang Rimba people (people of the forest), who live in the tribal hinterland of Sumatera in Indonesia, experienced a death streak. Only in three months, dozens of people died. Death toll was thought to be caused by a food and water crisis. If this crisis continues to attack them, the Orang Rimba people will disappear off the face of the earth.

Director: Rian Suryalibrata works as a documentary filmmaker since 2005. He has produced and directed a lot of documentary films about people, animal, environment, culture, and so on.

  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye