2015-Gaia Student Awards, Shadows of Life

Sophie Perrier, Masanori Omori

Japan, 2014, 14’57”

Editing: Sophie Perrier
Photography: Masanori Omori
Sound: Sophie Perrier & Adrien Kessler

Halk Eğitim Merkezi, Friday 13:00- 15:00

Synopsis: Every time they cut a tree, the woodcutters know that they deprive a God of a home. The laid trunk is then covered with sheets until a young tree is planted and the God has a new place to go. The celebrations of this event by the ageing population of this forgotten place shows the vitality of the forest. This way, when the last ihnabitants will be dead, the God of the forest will keep being a proof of the existence of those who used to venerate them.

Director: Masanori Omori was born in Tokyo in 1986. He grew up in Nouvelle-Calédonie and in Japan. As he was studying Political Science, he started working as a director, making of and technician for film shootings. After graduation, he goes to Paris in order to study film direction in ESEC (École Supérieure des Études Cinématographiques de Paris). Since 2013, he works as a director, DOP and production assistant in Paris.

Sophie Perrier was born in Vevey in 1984. After her studies in Political Science in the University of Lausanne, an Erasmus in the University of Heidelberg and a Master in Art of European Studies in the University of Geneva, she worked in Lisbon for the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe. Back to Switzerland, she worked as a project manager for a publishing house in Zurich before starting a bachelor in the Geneva University of Art and Design, within the department of « Cinéma/cinéma du réel ».

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