Lands for Freedom


Paul-Jean Vranken, Jean-Christophe Lamy

Belgium, 2015, 82′, French / Italian / English / German / Dutch

Turkish Premiere

Photography: Paul-Jean Vranken

Editing: Alice de Matha, Jean-Stéphane Garbe

Music: Margaux Vranken

Sound: Cosmas Antoniadis, Mathieu Pomès

Community Center, 16.10.2016 Sunday, 13.00 – 15.00

Synopsis: “Lands for Freedom” paints a vivid portrait of a rebellion following 4 farmers who have decisively turned their backs on conventional farming methods. Thanks to archive material we will also go back to a time in black and white when it was commonly believed that Science could save the world from hunger and malnutrition. Pictures of European and African landscapes during the four seasons, 4 moving and provocative characters with their life stories becoming linked to each other while speaking the same language : the one of the Earth.

Biography: Paul Jean Vranken was born in Belgium in 1960. He graduated from University of Liège, the Department of Civil Engineering. He completed film editing studies at INSAS in Brussels. He works as a freelance producer, director, cameraman, and editor. He is also a Professor At INSAS.

Jean-Christophe Lamy was born in France in 1949. He received his degree in History and Archaeology at the University of Humanities, Strasbourg. He studied film directing and production at INSAS in Brussels. Lamy works as a freelance journalist-director of documentaries and TV reports for the European Commission.


Festival International du Film Francophone, Namur, Belgium, 2015

DOK-Leipzig 2015

Festival du Film Vert Switzerland-France, 2016

Festival des Libertés, Brussels, 2015

SOS Faim

Week-End du DOC, Brussels

Ischia Film Festival, 2016


Audience Award, Festival des Libertés Brussels, 2015

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