Shadows of Life

Cláudia Alves

Portugal, 2012, 51′

Editing: Fernanda Pires Gurgel
Photography: Cláudia Alves
Music: Fernando Lopes-Graça and Popular Music from the north of Portugal
Sound: Rodrigo Carneiro and Catarina Apolônio
Producer: Cláudia Alves

Dantela, Thursday 11:00- 12:00

Synopsis: On the top of the mountain two shepherds talk quietly while the herd grazes. The few local inhabitants follow the normal routine of the village until something unexpected happens, which threatens the community. It echoes a song of resistance. Three women dance among the ruins. A blind man reflects on the future of the village.

Director: Cláudia Alves (Lisbon, 1980) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Portugal. She studied documentary filmmaking at the International Film School of San Antonio de Los Baños (Cuba), founded by Gabriel García Marquez and other significant Latin-American intellectuals. Earlier she graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon and has also studied in the Fine Arts’ Academy of Brera, Milan.
Cláudia worked in several short and medium-length films as director and cinematographer in Portugal, Brazil and Cuba. Her documentaries have been broadcasted in Portuguese Television and screened in numerous international film festivals.
Alves’ movies embrace new approaches to community, memory and history.
Filmography: Tales on Blindness, 2014 / Living On, 2012 / The Postman, 2012 / Compact and Revolutionary, 2011 / The Next Occasion, 2008 / The Occasion, 2005

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