2014-Anke Atamer



Ahmet Bikiç

Turkey, 2013, 4’

Editing: Ahmet Bikiç
Photgraphy: Ahmet Bikiç
Producer: Nagihan Çakar
Music: İkü Çok Sesli Koro
Sound: Ahmet Bikiç

The ongoing wars in the Middle East have caused countless number of families to break apart and the children to grow up in orphanages. Left with feelings of terror and hatred after the war, these children always remember those awful memories.

Director Biography:
He was born in Mardin in 1980. He worked as a photographer and cameraman for many years. As part of Mardin City Film House he received cinema education. He graduated from the Department of Communications Design at Kultur University with a full scholarship and he started to work in the Research & Development department of the same university. He has been the director of cinematography for many documentaries and short films. He has directed two documentaries: ‘Raku’ and ‘Scream.’

Director Filmography:
Raku, 2008
Çığlık, 2009

50th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Short Film, Finalist, 2013
6th Inönü University Short Film Festival, Fiction, Finalist, 2013
See a Paris Festival, France, Official Selection, 2013
3th Los Angeles Turkish Film Festival, Short Film Competition, Finalist, 2014
9th Early Bird Student Festival, Bulgaria, Documentary Film, Official Selection, 2014


  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye