Looking Back

Kurtuluş Özgen

Turkey, 2014, 60′

Editing: Kurtuluş Özgen
Photography: Kurtuluş Özgen, Teoman Gönen
Music: Ulaş Özdemir, Nadir Göktürk, Klasik Müzik
Sound: Kurtuluş Özgen

Armagrandi Hotel, Friday 10:00- 12:00

Synopsis: (Real) heroes do not know that they are heroes! The documentary “Nail V.” is a portrait of Nail Vahdeti Çakırhan -a poet, writer, journalist, thinker, and architect- that brings his perspective on life, works, relations, intellectual and strong personality and his extraordinary life to focus. Nail V. Çakırhan is a very important witness of our recent history. His mark on this land through his writings, deeds, works, ideals and loves is tremendous. His effect encompasses areas such as literature, politics, teaching and architecture. Aside from his contribution to society in general, his mark on each person and community that he was in contact with in wherever he went was “life-changing and transformative.” A poet, a storyteller, the villagers of Kadirli, inhabitants of Akyaka, an architect, a group of prisoners and the director of this documentary embraced his transformative mark.

Director: Kurtuluş Özgen studied cinema, contemporary art history, video art, and new media education. He has been making and directing documentaries and cultural projects since 1995. Having received awards from both national and international festivals with his films, Özgen has also produced art projects on photography and video since 2007. He is currently an academic at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Gazi University and a member of Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey.

  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye