2014-Anke Atamer



Turkey, 2014, 7’42”

Editing: Burkay Doğan-Yaprak Aydın
Photgraphy: M.Şakir Arslan-Yaprak Aydın
Producer: M.Şakir Arslan-Yaprak Aydın
Sound: Yaprak Aydın

The old winefactory in Canakkale which seems abandoned, in fact, has been surrounded by its own people in time. Those are a group of young people who are living in different neighborhoods of the city and performing parkour.

Director Biography:
He was born in 1983. He is interested in photography and design. He has been doing film works since 2006. He still continues to work on his own projects.

Director Filmography:
Ortalama 40 çöp, 2007
Dilek Ağacı, 2007
Anoptikon, 2008
Aliş Harikalar Diyarında, 2008
Şem, 2014

  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye