2015-Competition, Food

Teresa Camou Guerrero

Mexico, 2015, 85’

Editing: Juan Manuel Figueroa Mondragón
Photography: Aldo Hernández Flores
Music: Raúl Vizzi
Sound: Daniel Sánchez Caballero

Dantela, Thursday 16:00- 18:00

Synopsis: Seen through the eyes of small, midsize and large Mexican maize producers, “Sunu” weaves together different stories from a threatened rural world. It journeys into the heart of a country where people are encouraged to be determined to stay free, to work the land and cultivate its seeds, to be true to their cultures and spirituality, all of which in a modern world are both needed and disdained at the same time. “Sunu” reveals how maize and everything it gives life to could be lost forever, and shares a generous tapestry of simple, heartfelt messages to the farmers of the world and the city dwellers who could lose the ability to make the choice unless they act soon.

Director: Born and raised in México, Teresa has always first considered herself to be a puppeteer. She has a BA in Visual Arts and Social Science at Bennington College, US. “Sunu” is her first feature film. She has also produced and directed two short animation films : “Tewe Chiva Nesero” (2007) and “El Entierro” (2008). Teresa is the founder and director of “El Teatro Indígena de la Sierra Tarahumara”, which has become a native Mexican puppet theatre company based in northern Mexico’s Sierra Madre, known as the Sierra Tarahumara.

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