Manuel Valcárcel

Spain, 2016, 92′, Galician

International Premiere

Photography: Manuel Valcárcel

Editing: Manuel Valcárcel

Music: Óscar Maceda

Sound: Alejandro García

Producer: Manuel Valcárcel, Alejandro García, Óscar Maceda

Salhane, 15.10.2016 Saturday, 10.00 – 12.00

Synopsis: 340 million years ago, in the O Courel,something amazing happened: two continental plates collided, Galicia was born. Neglect, large scale mining and the plundering of the forest are devastating this ecosystem. Today this unique natural landscape, which boasts a cultural and geological heritage of international interest is under threat. During the first year of a young girl’s life, the relationship between human beings and nature is shown over the course of time.

Biografi: Manuel Valcárcel Cabo graduated from School of Applied Arts Ramon Falcon in 1995. He completed his postgraduate studies in Direction of Cinematography in ESCAC, Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia. He has been working as a photographer, director, cameraman, director of photography, and photojournalist since early 1990s. His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. He has also contributed to various magazines and some of his works have been published as books. www.manuelvalcarcel.com


8th Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible ‘Film Sozialak’ de Bilbao, Spain

40th São Paulo International Film Festival, New Filmmakers Competition Section, Brasil

2nd Planeta.doc, International Social and Environmental Film Festival, Brasil

38th Semana International de Cine de Autor de Lugo, Spain

14th International Film Festival, León, Spain

10th PICURT, Mostra de Cinema de Muntanya dels Pirineus, International Award Section, Spain

8th Festival of Cinema, Medioambiente, Sembrando Cine, Peru

Ecozine, 9th International Film Festival, Zaragoza, Spain

5th International Film Festival, Official Selection, Spain


‘Special Mention’, Ecozine Film Festival

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