Hande Zerkin, Gözde Efe

Turkey, 2014, 12’17’’

Editing: Fatih Bilgin
Photgraphy: Hande Zerkin – Gözde Efe
Producer: Hande Zerkin – Gözde Efe
Music: Fatih Bilgin

The land of Mumin Savkli is situated in Buca which is an area close to the city center, suitable for animal and greenhouse farming and is now a target for urban transformation. Savkli’s land has been purchased from its shareholders for a housing construction project. Mumin Savkli enjoys the very last days of the lifestyle inherited from his grandparents. Surrounded by apartments it has become impossible for him to continue husbandry and greenhouse farming. Therefore he gets on a boat and sails away.

Director Biography:
Hande Zerkin was born in Smyrna in 1984. She received her BA in the department of Radio, TV, and Cinema at Aegean University. She has been involved in visual and digital arts including photography, film and video, for more than seven years. She is currently an MA candidate at the department of Film Design in Dokuz Eylul University. Hande also takes place in professional film and photography environments as a freelancer.

Gözde Efe was born in Smyrna, Turkey. She received her BA in the School of Communication Sciences at Anadolu University. She is an MFA candidate in San Francisco Art Institute and research assistant in Anadolu University. Her films were screened in various national and international film festivals. Her two short documentaries were sponsored by the European Union organizations. She was awarded by the Directorate of Cinema, Ministry of Culture of Turkey as well as the San Francisco Art Institute. She is currently working on video installations and conceptual photography projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Director Filmography:
Hande Zerkin
Most Precious – Fiction (Director) 2007
Hiphop and Its Recipe –Documentary (Director) 2007
A Decrepit Coffeehouse – Documentary (Director) 2009
Diary of Toprak – Fiction ( Director) 2011
Nalinteri – Documentary (Director) 2011
Just brewed it, We are waiting for it to settle – Documentary (Director) 2012
I missed the Bus – Documentary (Director) 2012
T(here) – Documentary (Cameraperson) 2012
Twins – Documentary ( Cameraperson) 2012
I missed the Bus – Documentary (Director) 2013 (Director’s Cut)
Between Homelands – Documentary (Director) 2013
Agoraphobia – Documentary (Cameraperson) 2013
Prezentabıl – Short Fiction (D.o.P) 2013
Vineyard – Documentary (Director – D.o.P) 2014
Cevher – Documentary (D.o.P) 2014

Gözde Efe
Trains and People (Short Film) 2010
The Moment (Documentary) 2009Assist. Director
Sound of Street (Short Film) 2008

Hande Zerkin
Kentkart Short Film Contest, Winner of 2nd Prize “Most Precious” 2007
Aegean University Faculty of Communication Short Film Contest, Winner of 2nd Prize ”Hiphop and Its Recipe” 2008
Gazi University Short Film Contest, Best Film Award “Diary of Toprak” 2011
48 Hours Film Project, Best Use of Character – Best Use of Line Awards “Prezentabl” 2013 – Turkey
Green Peace Movement 2th Short Film Contest, Hasan Ramadan Cemil Special Award “Vineyard” 2014 – TRNC
Tursak, 11. Cinema of the Future, Best Film Project Award “Ask, Akil, Can” 2014 – Turkey

Gözde Efe
Trains and People was shown in Turkish/Greek Short Film Festival DIALOG in Thessaloniki/Greece in 2011
Sound of Street is awarded with juri’s selection in Crossroads International Film Festival in Istanbul/Turkey in 2008


  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye