Alessandro Bernard

Italy, 2015, 52′, Nepali/English

Turkish Premiere

Photography: Paolo Ceretto
Editing: Alessandro Bernard
Music: The Sweetlife Society, Pietro Paluello
Sound: Vito Martinelli
Producer: Massimo Arvat

Community Center, 13.10.2016 Friday, 20.00-22.00

Synopsis: From 2011, a group of volunteers started to collect the garbage from the Himalayan peaks and Holy Sites in Nepal. They are Green Soldiers, the special army headed by Acut Gurung that, as in a Bollywood version of Don Quixote, carry out a fight against windmills made of plastic, indifference, and loss of cultural identity.
Inspired by that vision, the Green Soldiers want to leave an indelible mark, to regain an ancient symbol starting exactly from what is considered as a scrap: a huge Mandala.

Biographies: Alessandro Bernard. Producer, author and director.
Since 2005 he produces, writes and directs documentary films and videos in the cultural sector.
He works in the audio-visual production of cultural events (www.festivalscienzalive.it – www.homosapiens.net – www.mostrabrain.it – www.makerfairerome.eu) and as the project manager in cross/trans-media projects. He is the chairman and the founding partner of the Cultural Association Docabout.

Paolo Ceretto. Author and Director
Independent filmmaker, author and director of documentaries, corporate videos, television formats.

Cinemambiente, Italy, 2015
Sunchild, Armenia, 2015
Innsbruk Nature Film Festival ‘Audience Award’,  Austria, 2015
Ekofilm, Czech Republic, 2015
Katmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, 2015
Ecocup, Russia, 2016
Effa, Albania, 2016
Finca, Argentina, 2016
Festival dei Bambini, Italy, 2016



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