Turkey Panorama

  Waiting for the Canal, Yasin Serindere, 36’
When it was first proposed in 2011, ‘Kanal Istanbul Project’ was called crazy. During the last quarter of 2019, it has become a current issue once again. While the project receives many reactions due to its possible destruction of the nature, the people in the Sahintepe neighborhood located next to Sazlıdere Dam are unsettled. While there are two sides as to why this project should be carried out or not, the people fo the neighborhood focuses on what will happen if the project is carried out.
https://youtu.be/nT1CKwaTjzs Uncle Efe, Harun Akça – Özgenur Şahin, 19’
Uncle Efe is a nature lover and he fights against the construction of villas in Çay Bağları, where he lives.