Director: Aziz Arga

Turkey, 2021



The documentary film “Ash”, which touches upon the effects of a 36-year-old thermal power plant in the village of Çoğulhan in Afşin district in the city of Kahramanmaraş, focuses on the migration, environment and health problems of the people living in the region. The tragic events experienced by the people of Çoğulhan, which used to have a district status in itself and then returned to a village with the effect of migration, are conveyed to the audience in the film. Through this documentary, which touches on a socially striking issue, the local people express their views and thoughts to us. The film deeply portrays the effects of the ashes falling from the sky on the village.

About Director

Born in 1996 in the center of Iğdır, Aziz Arga completed his primary and secondary education in Iğdır. In 2017, he has been admitted to the Faculty of Communication Radio, Television and Cinema Department at Gümüşhane University. He is currently continueing both his study and work at Gümüşhane Film Workshop.


Assistant to the director: Oruçhan Yavuzaslan

Script: Aziz Arga

Advisor: Dr.Ögr.Üyesi Burak Türten

Director of Photography: Bayram Fidanboy

Camera: Aziz Arga, Bayram Fidanboy, Oruçhan Yavuzaslan

Sound: Oruçhan Yavuzaslan

Music: Murat Bay

Editing: Aziz Arga, Yakup Çiçekdenk