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February is approaching. We will remember our homes, relatives and neighbors that we lost last February. Meanwhile, the fear of a major earthquake expected in Istanbul is growing in us day by day. And the month October will always hurt us, marking the beginning of a period where children and civilians are murdered in Palestine to an unprecedented extent. We live in absurd times where the Gulf Stream is highly weakening, the rainforests are being destroyed and the COP meetings are held in oil-producing countries. We cannot ignore all this. We cannot afford to ignore all this.

Thanks to your films, we will be able to see the real beauty of the Blue Planet which is surrounded by fog and smoke, tired of bombs, floods, drought, injustice, bribery, war and refugee deaths.

BIFED 2024 is open for submissions.

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Letter to the Children of Gaza

“We have failed you. This is the awful guilt we carry. We tried. But we did not try hard enough. We will go to Rafah.  Many of us. Reporters. We will stand outside the border with Gaza in protest. We will write and film. This is what we do. It is not much. But it is something. We will tell your story again.”


Chris Hedges