Director: Çiğdem Akdoğan

Turkey, 2020



Remziye Hanım (63), who lives in Yardibi village of Saimbeyli district of Adana, reflects her daily activities and her struggle against the harsh conditions in the village. In the photographs of Yardibi Village in 1993, it is seen that mudbrick houses, which are compatible with nature, and wooden windows have been replaced by concrete piles over the years. In the neighborhood relations of the village compared to the past, how the same warm relations are evaluated by the inhabitants of Yardibi village are discussed by considering the past and present views of the village.

About Director

She was born in 1998 in Adana. She graduated from Çukurova University, Faculty of Communication. She takes an active role in Çukurova Communication Documentary Workshop. She works as a designer, editing director, and art director in various projects. She continues to produce documentary films, short films, and academic women’s studies. “Yardibi” and “Back Window” are the director’s first films.


Camera: Çiğdem Akdoğan

Editing: Çiğdem Akdoğan

Sound & Music: Çiğdem Akdoğan

Producer: Çiğdem Akdoğan