Stolen Fish

Director: Gosia Juszczak

Spain/Poland/UK, 2020



In Gambia, the smallest country of mainland Africa, fish is now being powdered up by Chinese corporations and exported to Europe and China to feed animals in industrial farming. As a result, Gambians are being deprived of their primary source of protein, overfishing is depleting marine ecosystems. The film follows Abou, Mariama and Paul; three Gambians who share intimate stories of daily struggle, anger, hope and longing for their loved ones.

About Director

Polish documentary director and producer based in Madrid. Graduate of “DOK PRO” documentary directing course at Andrzej Wajda Film School in Warsaw. In her documentary work, Gosia focuses on issues of social importance, migration and borders. “The Cargo Women of Melilla”, a take on a slave-like work of Moroccan women on the Southern EU border, was showcased within the Novara Docs series. “Stolen Fish” is her mid-length debut. Apart from her filmmaking career, Gosia is a journalist, translator and public speaker as former Human Rights observer in the Middle East. As a journalist, she wrote about such underreported issues as the evictions of Kenya’s Sengwer community’s or the struggle of the Nubian minority of Kenya. Currently Gosia is developing a feature documentary in the framework of DocLab Poland and Krakow Film Festiwal Industry Market with a working title Abou’s Journey. Based in Spain, lived in Poland, Mexico, Spain, USA, Palestine, Jordan. Speaks Polish, English, Spanish and basic Arabic.


Cinematography: Filip Drożdż

Editing: Adriana F. Castellanos

Sound recording: Igor Kłaczyński

Sound editing: Dariusz Wancerz

Line producers: Emilia Pluskota, Aleksandra Leszczyńska

Music: ST Gambian Dream

Colour: Ebrahim Alfadhala

Graphic design: Marta Florkowska-Dwojak, Magdalena Juszczak

Fixer: Mustapha Manneh

Researcher: Emilia Pluskota

Produced by: Gosia Juszczak

Executive produced by: Minority Rights Group International

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