While Paradise Is Destroyed

Director: Serdar Güven

Turkey, 2021



The lives of the Kirazlıyayla villagers of Bursa, Yenişehir is suddenly turned upside down with the Mineral Enrichment facility, which was began being established in the village a year ago. The peace, the memories, the past experiences, that all they have and their living space; their paradise that is, have begun to slip through their hands. The earth women of Kirazlıyayla are determined to protect their land until the end. The film bears witness to the unique, strong and exemplary determination of the women of Kirazlıyayla to claim their lands back.

About Director

Serdar Güven was born in 1975 in Iznik. He started freelance photography and camera work in 2002. He has been participating in documentary projects as a cinematographer since 2005. He started producing and directing his own documentary projects after founding his own production company, Maya Documentary Film Production, in 2008. Güven, who works on Documentary Music, as well, is a member of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers and Bursa İnsanat Cinema Association.


Camera: Serdar Güven

Editing: İsmail Dalgıç

Sound: İsmail Hakkı Hafız

Music: Kadir Kahraman

Producer: Suat Şenocak