Director: Mehmet Emre Battal


Turkey, 2021



Everybody’s talking about food inflation in 2021’s Turkey. Who, under which circumstances produces or cannot produce the food that comes to the stalls with shocking prices? Human life needs manufacturers and manufacturers are in a cycle of loneliness and danger of extinction. The film “Dependant” tells the context of the relation of indigence in the world of industrial production and fast consuming from local consumers world; reveals an inconvenient truth, looks for the new ways of redesigning today for the future.

Director's bio

Mehmet Emre Battal was born in Istanbul, in 1980. He finished primary and secondary school in Kocaeli. While he was studying Labor Economics in Anadolu University, at the same time he continued to study in Radio, Television and Cinema Department of Istanbul University. He worked in the fields of digital advertising, social media management and advertising between 2005-2012 and co-directed several documentary films. He has been working as the director of NotaBene Publishing since 2012. Concurrently he works as an editor in various fields of publishing.


Camera: Abdullah Tarık Karagöz

Editor: Yiğit Nalçacı

Sound: Yusuf Zeynel

Music: Meriç Enis Özil

Producer: Yiğit Nalçacı – Mehmet Emre Battal