The Land

Director: Mohamad Sabbah

Lebanon, 2020



The Land documents the uprising of the people of Bisri and activists from all of Lebanon against the construction of the dangerous dam leading up to the Bisri Valley’s liberation. Farmers and shepherds discuss their fears of losing the land and their intimate relationship with it. It also presents the project’s seismic and geological dangers, its futility, the conflicts of interests surrounding its construction, and its destruction of a rich and significant area in every respect.

Director's bio

Mohamad Sabbah is a Lebanese film director based in Cologne, Germany. His films deal with the human body and its representations, love, death, and family. Mohamad completed his first fiction feature, CHRONIC, in 2017. His previous short films are AWAKENING, WHERE THERE IS NOTHING BUT WATER, and THERE. He is currently, based in Germany pursuing art studies in the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln.


Camera: Karim Ghorayeb

Editor: Ali J. Dalloul

Sound: Rayan Obeydiyyin, Jad Asmar, Victor Bress

Producer: Eliane Raheb