Tracing the Water in Troas

Director: Felat Erkozan

Turkey, 2022



Tracing the water in Troas concentrates on the water crisis in the Mount Ida region. The main focus of the documentary is to reflect the difficulty of accessing water for the local people living in the drought-threatened area due to energy projects and mining activities. On the other hand, it also brings up the issue of climate crisis and water justice, which is going to be the biggest problem of our near future.

Director's bio

Felat Erkozan was born and raised in Diyarbakır, Turkey. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Istanbul University, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. His journey in cinema began in 2013. He received several funds and scholarships with the scripts that he wrote. In 2018, he made his first short documentary War (Home) which was screened and awarded at various film festivals. He is currently working on the festival circulation of his subsequent documentaries Tracing the Water in Troas (2022) and Under The Trees (2022) and is developing his first fictional short film project Şevger. Collective memory in relation to space, city and alienation is at the heart of his cinematic practice.


Director: Felat Erkozan
Producer: Soner Akalın
Executive Producer: Özge Doruk
Camera: Felat Erkozan
Editing: Kübra Karaçay, Felat Erkozan
English Subtitle: Merve Nazlı Tecimer