The Sentinels

Director: Pierre Pézerat

France, 2016



Josette Roudaire and Jean-Marie Birbès were workers, in contact with asbestos. Paul François, the farmer, has been intoxicated by Monsanto’s pesticide, the Lasso. Henri Pézerat, the research worker at CNRS, has marked their lives helping them to fight in order to get those industrial crimes punished… Did the justice deliver a verdict against the responsible for the big lie of asbestos? What will be its action for those of the predicted catastrophe of the pesticides?

About Director

After a long career in the French TV channel TF1, as technician and later manager of the news department’s technical team, Pierre Pézerat decides to make a documentary about his father’s struggles for the amelioration of workers’ health. He meets the asbestos and pesticides victims who thanks to the confidence in the son of Henri Pézerat, they tell their emotional stories of their life of struggle and how they became involuntarily the sentinels of the environment and living space.


Camera: Xavier Robert, Pierre Guichard, Mathieu Le Bivic, Pierre Pézerat

Sound: Xavier Robert, Pierre Guichard, Mathieu Le Bivic, Pierre Pézerat

Editing: Pierre Pézerat

Music: Gilles Pézerat, Vivien Pezerat

Executive Producer: Entre les images

Coproducer: Rouge Productions