Director: Oğuz Yenen

Turkey,  2022



Last days of an old and lonely Armenian fisherman in Istanbul.

Community Center

12.10.2023 – Thursday – 13:00

Director Bio

Born in Germany in 1955, Oğuz Yenen has lived in Stuttgart, Ankara, Munich, and Istanbul. He has worked on various film and video projects as an assistant cameraman, cinematographer, and director. He had been part of the Münchner Kammerspiele Schauburg for years. Then, he worked at ARRI TV-Munich as a cinematographer and a gaffer. He has been living in Istanbul since 2000 and lecturing on video production, short film, camera, and lighting as well as working as an undergraduate thesis project advisor at different universities. His works include documentaries like “My Child”, “Istanbul Along With Negri”, “Protel Building”, and “The Farm of 38° 30°”.


Camera: Mert Kutluk, Oğuz Yenen, Tuğberk Onur, Efe Koç
Editing: Doğa Çöl
Sound: Doğa Çöl
Music: Doğa Çöl
Production: Oğuz Yenen