The Waiting

Director: Volker Schlecht

Germany, 2023



Karen Lips is a researcher and has lived for several years in a tiny little shack in Costa Rica to observe frogs. When she leaves the cloud forest for a short time and returns, the frogs are gone. All of them. Karen sets out to find them and encounters a horrible truth.

Community Center

13.10.2023 – Friday – 13:00

Director Bio

Volker Schlecht is a Berlin-based illustrator, artist, and filmmaker. He is the founder of the label Drushba Pankow. Volker is a professor of design basics at the Hochschule Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau. Also, his film “Kaputt / Broken” (2016) premiered at Berlinale and won at Sundance.


Camera: Volker Schlecht
Editing: Volker Schlecht
Sound: Hannes Schulze
Music: Hannes Schulze
Production: Max Mönch, Alexander Lahl, Volker Schlecht