X Trillion

Director: Eleanor Church

United Kingdom,  2023



“X Trillion” follows the journey of 14 women as they sail a grueling 3000 miles across the North Pacific Ocean to one of the most remote places on Earth, but also the location of the densest accumulation of ocean plastic – the North Pacific Gyre, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. ​A crew of scientists packaging designers, engineers, teachers, artists, and more, they carry out cutting-edge research into the impacts of plastics and microplastics both on the natural world and on human health, and explore the practical and emotional responses to one of the biggest global challenges of our time. ​This is a story of hope, filled with life, magic, and a call to action that burns with optimism.

Community Center

13.10.2023 – Friday – 16:00

Director Bio

For almost two decades, Eleanor has crafted short to medium-length documentaries and photo stories, shedding light on society, the environment, women’s rights, human rights, migration, and supply chains. Her debut feature film, “X Trillion,” emerges from a background in investigative and creative filmmaking, enriched by global journeys that have molded her both as an individual and a filmmaker. An accomplished UN video producer and AOP photographer, Eleanor recently received commissions for two WaterBear Originals. Her impactful work has graced esteemed platforms including The Guardian, Al Jazeera, BBC, and international broadcasts. It has also been showcased at the US State Department, high-profile UN meetings, and film festivals, earning awards and official selections. Notably, her films have driven policy shifts on environmental issues and human trafficking, while also catalyzing local campaigns on air quality, plastics, and perinatal mental health.


Editing: Eleanor Church, Dominic Stabb, Mirjam Jegorov
Sound: Simon Keep, Alex Joseph
Music: Various
Production: Verity Wislocki