Rossi Gian Luca

Italy, 2015, 78′, Italian

Turkish Premiere

Photography: Rossi Gian Luca
Editing: Rossi Gian Luca
Music: Francesco Locavano
Sound: Enrico Montrosset
Producer: Rossi Gian Luca

Community Center, 14.10.2016 Friday, 16.00-18.00

Synopsis: Margherita was born and raised in Aosta, in northern Italy, but his family is of southern origin, from Calabria. Eight months pregnant and in deep identity crisis, she decides to return to those places, loads of memories of childhood, where her roots lie. Just arrived, however, she finds that, on the site of an abandoned factory, a Swiss-Italian company intends to build a coal power plant from 1320 mega watts. What effect will this have? And the health risks and environmental impact? She soon discovers much more about her hometown than she thought she knew.

Biography: Rossi Gian Luca graduated in film directing at the ESEC (Paris) and in theater direction at the CIC of Rome . He has directed plays, short films, documentaries and television programs . He also collaborated in productions of other authors as assistant director , cameraman and / or director of photography . In 2008 he made his debut in Italian cinemas with the feature film “Ho ammazzato Berlusconi” (“I killed Berlusconi”) , written and directed along with Daniele Giometto . For more than ten years, he is the owner of the production company Korova , through which he has produced, created and directed numerous audiovisual works. Furthermore, he has offered educational activities in schools and training centers , teaching acting, stage movements and techniques of cinema and audiovisual.

18th Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival, ‘Best Film’ – Italian Documentary Competition, Italy
7th Ares International Festival of Film Siracusa, ‘Best Work on Social Responsibility’,  Italy
15th Mitreo Film Festival, S.M.Capua Vetere, Italy
11th Imperia International Video Festival – Italy
Ecozine – International Environmental Film Festival, Zaragoza, Spain
Human District International Film Festival, Belgrado, Serbia
Clorofilla Film Festival, Italy
Life After Oil, Stintino, Italy


  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye


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