The Flying Fish


Anastasia Lobkovski

Finland, 2016, 28′, Chinese, Finnish, English, Tao (Aboriginal)

World Premiere

Photography: Anastasia Lobkovski

Editing: Antti Jääskeläinen

Music: Antti Hirsiaho

Sound: Jukka Nurmela

Producer: Jenny Tervakari

Community Center, 14.10.2016 Friday, 16.00 – 18.00

Synopsis: Orchid Island, the home of Tao people, has been the storage of Taipower’s nuclear waste since 1982. When they first brought nuclear waste to the Island, the native language didn’t even have a word for it. The newly built storage by the sea was claimed to be a fish cannery. The Flying Fish documentary is filmmaker Anastasia Lobkovski’s journey to Orchid Island, the place where typhoons and earthquakes meet. The Flying Fish tells about the daily life of the Tao people, their silent battle and unheard voice.

Biography: Anastasia Lobkovski (1981) is a Finnish filmmaker. She has a background in visual arts and she is MFA from The Academy of Fine Arts. Anastasia Lobkovski`s works has been seen at major art exhibitions in Finland, such as Young Artists at Kunsthalle, Helsinki. Her short films has been broadcasted by The National Television and participated in the film festivals around the world, such as BFI London Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Seoul International Film Festival and Reykjavik Film Festival. Lobkovski`s MFA graduation work “The boy who was afraid of Nothing” was nominated as one of the Best European short films at Camerimage, Poland. Her first feature film screenplay in development won Jüri Sillart Visual Prize, at international ENGAGE workshop (2014). Anastasia Lobkovski is a member of the Union of Finnish Writers and The Artists` Association of Finland.

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