The Tree of Eternity: The Yirca Resistance


Kazım Kızıl

Turkey, 2016, 53′, Turkish

Photography: Kazım Kızıl

Editing: Kazım Kızıl

Music: Aysu Çöğür, Emre Özegemen

Sound: Kazım Kızıl

Salhane, 13.10.2016 Perşembe, 10.00 – 12.00

Synopsis: “De te fabula narratur!” We have read, seen, heard, and witnessed similar stories in other places before. For instance, it happened in Gerze and Alakır. Just like in these places, someone who was backed by the power of the state came to the village of Yirca in Soma as well. They targeted not the streams but the olive groves this time. They attempted to turn the olive green into the green of a dollar and poison the land for the villagers. This documentary is the story of a handful of people from Yirca who defend their olive groves and living quarters against capitalism and death. This is your story!

Biography: Kazım Kızıl was born in Manisa, in 1983. He started taking photographs in 2005 and he has continued his photography works with documentary cinema since 2013. Except “The Tree of Eternity: Yirca Resistance” which addresses the struggle that people of Yirca has shown against thermal power plants, Kızıl generally produces short documentaries. In his documentaries, he dwells upon subjects such as human rights, peace, women’s struggle, the problems of the refugees, and ecology. He defends the idea that the production process should also be political and the power of a video could be measured through its ability to mobilize people.

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