The White Sycamore


Kazım Öz

Turkey, 2016, 83′, Turkish/Kurdish

Photography: Kazım Öz, Memet Dalmaz, Özcan Vardar

Editing: Kazım Öz

Music: Zeyne Kahraman

Sound: Onan Karagözoğlu

Production: Koz Film

Salhane. 13.10.1016 Thursday,  10.00 – 12.00

Synopsis: Zeynel Dede who lives in a mountain village of Hozat, Dersim is almost a hundred years old and a man of many talents. He has left his legacy in the areas of music, instruments, writing lyrics, masonry, wood shaping, husbandry and beekeeping. He has composed many popular songs. His specially made dowry chests for young girls are still talked about and preserved. He can also play the music instruments that he makes in his workshop such as baglama and violin. Some of the stone houses that he once built in Dersim still stand still. “The White Sycamore” gets caught in the melodies and stones, witnesses the relationships, pains, and joys within the family while discovering “new masters” that remained from Zeynel Dede.

Biography: Kazım Öz worked in Jiyana Nû Theater in the fields of acting and stage direction for 4 years starting from 1992. His first short film “AX” (The Land) made an impression on national and international audiences. Since then, Kazım Öz has directed many creative documentaries, feature-length and short films. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering. He continues his graduate studies at Marmara University’s Institute of Fine Arts.


2016, Zer, fiction film (in post production)

2016, Beyaz Çınar (White Sycamore), creative documentary

2014, He Bu Tune Bu (Once Upon A Time), creative documentary 2010, Demsala Dawi: Şewaxan (The Last Season Shawaks), creative documentary (with the cooperation of ARTE-France)

2008, Bahoz (The Storm), fiction film

2005, Dûr (The Distant). creative documentary

2001, Fotoğraf, Fotoğraf (The Photograph), fiction film

1999, Ax (The Land), short film


  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye


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