Program and Catalogue of the 5th BIFED Festival, to be held on 10th-14th October 2018 will be published soon.

BIFED 2018 Jury

Will Be Announced Soon.



  • To Return, Australia, France, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Refugee 83′, 2018,David Fedele & Kumut Imesh
  • Astral, Spain, 101′, 2016, Jordi Évole & Ramon Lara
  • Utopia Revisited, Austria, 91′, 2018, Kurt Langbein
  • Milk System, Germany, Italy, 91′, 2017, Andreas Pichler
  • The Green Lie, Austria, 97′, 2017, Werner Boote
  • Fields of Anger, France, 72′, 2018, Anne Gintzburger
  • Stare into the Lights my Pretties, Australia, 128′, 2017, Jordan Brown
  • Old Houses and Cherry Laurel, Turkey, 78′, 2018, Engin Yıldız
  • A Six Dollar Cup Of Coffee, Canada, 70′ 2018, Andres Ibañez & Alejandro Diaz
  • Anote’s Ark, Canada, 77′ 2018, Matthieu Rytz
  • BE’ JAM BE the Never Ending Song, France, Switzerland, 85′, 2017, Caroline Parietti & Cyprien Ponson



  • Dirty Water, Myanmar, Germany, 13′, 2017, Ko Kyaw So
  • Lo Pastre, France, 32′, 2018, Greta Loesch
  • Modified, Canada, 87′,2017, Aube Giroux
  • Savrun, Turkey, 16′, 2017, Hakan Yıldırım & Onur Coşkuner
  • Ash City, Turkey, 29′, 2018, Tolga Barman
  • Fishermen without a Sea, United States, 20′, 2016, Lucas Bonetti
  • Cows and Queens, Portugual, 38′, 2018, Laura Marques


After five years, we still can’t do certain things. For instance, BIFED still does not require an application fee. BIFED still sustains itself through local sources and solidarity. BIFED does not follow the latest trends and take an interest in the popular films of the year, which fly from one festival to another like migratory birds. BIFED still includes in its programme films that talk about their own problems, that does not exploit the Thirld-World like some exotic material. As BIFED, we try to share everything on our island with our guests as much as we can.

If this worldwide madness cannot destroy this beautiful blue planet, the documentaries that you make despite all the odds and with great courage are truly important as an invaluable part of a great resistance. Please come to our island, and let’s watch these documentaries in our screening venues and feel together through solidarity that we are not the only ones who worry about the world’s current situation.

We are looking forward to see you in our festival, in our little island.
So long!

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