Fethi Kayaalp

Grand Award



For it showed that there is still hope for humanity because of the people acting with courage for the benefit of other people. Thanks to its striking cinematography and excellent narrative, this film stands out among many other films dealing with immigration issues.





In a time when we loose all faith to the politicians and the use of politics, this film shows one politician fighting a global fight just to save his nation. The effects of the climate change won’t be destroying only geographies but also beautiful cultures. This film manages to tell touching, simple life stories and point out the inevitable destiny that threats the whole world, with a masterly mix of news archives, scientific visions and impressive images of people in danger.





This film looks at the destruction of nature from the perspective of people who have nothing to loose but that very nature. They live from the forest and they celebrate it as sacred and they express their gratitude through songs and for them there is no compromise, they have to protect their forest. With its excellent use of authentic songs and sounds of the nature, this film forces us to reconsider our personal values and perspectives.


“Fishermen Without A Sea ”


“Fishermen Without A Sea” talks about an ecological and social problem which is common all around the globe. It presents the sea as the main character and the story of people that are attached to the sea. It shows how the individual story is, in fact, the story of a whole community. The film doesn’t scream in an aggressive manner about a though issue but expresses it in calm, realistic and personal ways by successfully and clearly transferring the subject matter which is the sea and its community. It gives enough space for various characters (new generations, activists, local people and nature conservation experts) into this struggle to express themselves. Considering all these aspects, as the members of the jury we decided to grant “Fishermen Without A Sea” the best film of Gaia Student Award.


After five years, we still can’t do certain things. For instance, BIFED still does not require an application fee. BIFED still sustains itself through local sources and solidarity. BIFED does not follow the latest trends and take an interest in the popular films of the year, which fly from one festival to another like migratory birds. BIFED still includes in its programme films that talk about their own problems, that does not exploit the Thirld-World like some exotic material. As BIFED, we try to share everything on our island with our guests as much as we can.

If this worldwide madness cannot destroy this beautiful blue planet, the documentaries that you make despite all the odds and with great courage are truly important as an invaluable part of a great resistance. Please come to our island, and let’s watch these documentaries in our screening venues and feel together through solidarity that we are not the only ones who worry about the world’s current situation.

We are looking forward to see you in our festival, in our little island.
So long!

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