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The program and screenings of BIFED will take place in Bozcaada from 11-15 October 2017.

Finalists for BIFED 2017

BIFED 2017 – Finalists for the International Competition


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BIFED 2017

We would like to share a few things that we deem important about our festival. Half of the films are from the third world and half of the directors are female. While choosing the films from the first world, we have tried to give precedence to directors who “engage in with the problems of their own countries.”

Another significant information regarding our festival: You may not believe it, but all of your films are examined and discussed carefully. It means there are no package programmes. And as you know there is still no participation fee. We insist on not receiving any support from the government. We also do not receive support from any multinational company that might be linked with ecological problems.

Among his advice to young directors before his passing away, Peter Wintonick emphasized the following: Never send a film to a festival that charges you money for it. A sentence with an emphasis on ‘never’ must be telling us something. But as you know, almost all of the festivals in Europe has began to charge an application fee as if they actually need it. It is not limited to that; they have also decreased the support they provide for directors such as travel allowance and accommodation. If Peter Wintonick were alive, we would be saying to him: Almost everyone requires an application fee, so what should the young directors do?

In brief, your films are examined with great care. The majority of the island’s residents (you’ll be surprised to see it) wait for you and your films throughout the year. We do this festival together with them.

This year, we would like to present the films under the following titles: “The End of Great Agriculture,” “The Sea is Over,” “Garbage Planet,” “The Greed for Energy,” and “A Quest for an Alternative Way of Living.” This is what is going on in general: Humans have been quickly destroying everything that cannot cry, bite, or defend itself. First and foremest among them are the sea creatures, the wilderness, trees, lakes, and rivers…We empty them, kill them off or contaminate them. But there is a little detail. It seems that there are certain heroes who insist on being a human, who keeps the hope alive, who never give up struggling. The small fishermen of Greece, the small farmers of Kenya and Ethiopia, the ones who repair the waste in the USA, the ones who make the world’s most beautiful music from the garbage in Paraguay, the ones who construct houses out of mud… Yes, this is a small detail; however, details matter, they matter even more if they are small.

We are looking forward to see you in our festival, in our little island.

So long!

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