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The program and screenings of BIFED will take place in Bozcaada from 11-15 October 2017.

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Application period for BIFED 2017 has ended. Hope to meet you in the festival.


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In the world of shrinking truths, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to defend our rights, let alone the rights of those who have been silenced. The new spaces of freedom, solidarity, and sharing are also spaces that are vulnerable to fallacy and evil. For instance, the virtual world…

Humanity has covered a great distance within the last half century in destroying everything that cannot speak for itself and defend itself. Even the sand is diminished. We have exhausted the sand of the world, the formation of which takes four billion years, in this century so as to have non-returnable bottles. The sharks, albacores, drinking water, foxes, elephants, rain forests, lobsters… Humankind has been consuming everything that cannot raise its voice, cry, and shout out…

The number of places from which we can express our resistance against all the things that have been going on is also decreasing. If we are to voice our concerns from somewhere in the Third World, from Mogadishu, Port Moresby, Beirut, Afyon, Lhasa, our voices just dissolve into thin air. It’s a challenge to make films, but it’s even a greater challenge to distribute, share, and air these films. The mainstream media is virtually blind and deaf to the truth.

The only space that we, as independent documentary filmmakers, have is film festivals. However, the festivals themselves are also changing. They have adapted themselves to the course of things; they’re getting bigger and bigger and losing their charm in this process. Even though it is hard to believe, many festivals across Europe have now a entry fee just like the festivals in the USA and Canada.

Our festival in Bozcaada insists on not getting bigger. Our festival in Bozcaada insists on receiving support only from our local government and fellow islanders. Our festival in Bozcaada continues to provide warm hospitality for the festival participants. Our festival in Bozcaada continues to reward filmmakers and good examples. Our festival in Bozcaada insists on not having a entry fee. Female filmmakers’ films continue to constitute half of the festival programme and female jury members still constitute more than half of the jury members. Our festival cherishes the fact that the festival team is predominantly made up of women. Our festival is proud to be a voice for the Global South.

As BIFED team, we insist on keeping our inner children just like our island, islanders and the local producers.

BIFED team

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