What Happened To The Bees?

Director: Adriana Otero, Robin Canul

México, 2019



After millions of bees suddenly died in the state of Campeche, Mexico, the Mayan beekeeping communities and their representatives decided to organize to find the cause and confront the authorities and the transnational company Monsanto, who have put their subsistence in danger by the sowing transgenic soy in their territory.

About Director

Adriana Otero: She is a filmmaker who received her master’s degree in Production and Teaching of Visual Arts. “The Value of the Land” (2014) and “Snake’s Mouth” (2020) are some of her shorts. In 2021, she premiered in theaters in Mexico her debut film entitled “What happened to the bees?” (2019) that she produced and co-directed. She is currently the director of the production and distribution company ABEJAS CINE.

Robin Canul: Journalist and professional photographer, he has collaborated with various national media in Mexico and other countries. He currently directs Áurea Audiovisual, a production company dedicated to social, environmental, art and cultural issues. He is also co-director and photographer of the documentary “What Happened to the Bees?” (2019).


Camera: Maricarmen Sordo

Editing: Jairo Mukul

Sound&Music: Alberto Palomo

Producer: Adriana Otero


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