Director: Serdar Aşut, Yaman Umut Bilir

Netherlands & Turkey / 2022 / 



How can the olive inspire us towards a more sustainable future? In Pomace, the intrinsic and traditional circular qualities of olive cultivation is explored in rural western Anatolia. The film illustrates what circularity is, based on a narrative on the olive, by presenting its socio-cultural, economic, technological and environmental dynamics. It also includes the endeavors of a group of designers who design various products by using sustainable bioplastics in the residue of olive oils.

Director's bio

Serdar Aşut (1981) is an architect and academic. He was born and grew up in Turkey. He worked as a researcher and educator at architecture schools in Turkey, Denmark and Switzerland. He is continuing his research and teaching activities as a permanent scholar in The Netherlands since 2017. A significant part of his academic and informal interests focuses on the environment, which is the underlying theme of this film. Besides his lifelong passion in cinema, this film is his first film making undertaking.

Yaman Umut Bilir (1984) completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Photography in Izmir, Turkey. Afterwards, he taught photography at universities and various institutions. He continues his photography production and video production works, especially music videos and promotional films as a freelance artist. This project is his first film work.


Directors: Serdar Aşut, Yaman Umut Bilir
Writer: Serdar Aşut
Producer: Serdar Aşut
Director of Photography: Yaman Umut Bilir
Editor: Yaman Umut Bilir
Music Composer: İsmail Bilir
Sound Editor: Anıl Çınar
Color Editor: Ahmet Erdil
Graphic Designer: Elvan Çetin
Poster Designer: Orkun Destici
Subtitle Translator: Funda Yeşilyurt
Subtitle Editor: Mert Oma