Indigenous Life – Right to Lift

Timurtaş Onan

Turkey, 2014, 53′

Editing/photography/producer: Timurtaş Onan
Sound: Sennur Onan

Dantela, Friday 20:00- 22:00

Synopsis : This documentary aims to form a memory through the recollections of people who participated in Gezi resistance. 18 people who stayed at Gezi Park during the resistance, becoming a witness to this process, and their recollections about Gezi and the way the commune life, which was made up of people with different mentalities, made them feel have been interviewed.

Director: Timurtaş Onan is a photographer and director. He was born in Istanbul. He has been working professionally in this sector for 25 years and has participated in a lot of events and held exhibitions both nationally and internationally. “Beyoglu Nights”, “Library of Turkish Photographers:30”, “Istanbul Blues”, “Historical Peninsula Reflections” are among his publications. His documentaries include “Street Children”, “What is Happening in Tarlabaşı?”, “Imaginary Tacettin Diker”, “Cramp”, and “Historical Peninsula Reflections”. He served as a judge in national and international competitions.

  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye