Films that the pre-jury could not qualify for the final selection, but that they find very valuable and want to bring to the audience within the scope of BIFED, are in the Panorama category. This year, a total of 27 documentaries, 10 of them are from Turkey, will be shown in this category.

Africa, GMOs & The Gates Foundation
Cheese Instead of Uranium
Coltan Fever: Connecting People
Çırpılar: An Anatomy of a Fossil Struggle
Flying Fish
Green Warriors: Cursed Uranium
Ida is Our Home
Light of the Night
Mapping Survival
No News
Remainders of the Sea
The Ants & The Grasshopper
Total Disaster
Tracing the Water in Troas
Women of the Land
Tozkoparan is ours
The Land
Interim Use
There is Always Hope: Story of İkizköy
The Story of Eternal Tree in Milas
Tolou Keur, popular phenomenon in Senegal